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JP Answers the Tough Questions

With many of us working from home, it was definitely hard to keep up with the whole team as we normally would with daily casual conversation. Community and cultivating relationships are big deals at JP—so much that it’s written on the wall by our front door. Thankfully for ROWE, a lot of the communication and technology was already set in place so we could still work and play hard, but now in the comforts of our own homes and sweatpants.

To help ease the daily grind, we thought what a better way than to ask some quirky, but tough questions for us to answer.

21 Questions

Okay—not really 21 questions, but there were 13! If you’re wanting to conduct your own research with your team or have some fun interview questions in your back pocket, feel free to use some of our favorites below. 🙂

The Results

Is Cheesecake Cake or Pie?

Cheesecake poll results

What are some unwritten JP office rules?

Unwritten office rules responses

Would you rather give up your smartphone or computer?

Smartphone or computer poll results

Live without social media or heat & AC?

Social media or heat and AC results

If you could use only one condiment for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Condiment question results

What We Realized

Some of the answers we got were pretty hilarious. The best answers were definitely the fill-in questions like the “unwritten office rules” and “only being able to use one condiment forever.”

It was also really exciting to see how similar some of the answers were between our creative and account management teams, no matter how far apart we sit. We were surprised to see what some of our team members wrote in, and some of them were really unexpected. The unwritten rules may or may not be true, but just remember to always do Fireball shots and beware of the red headphones.