Hands with grapes

A Photo(shop) Finish

Combining difficulty with a tight deadline is usually demanding, but courtesy of a few grapes and Adobe Photoshop, our design team said, “Let’s crush this.”

The Challenge

SamSonS grapes completed product sheet

Longtime client Fowler Packing Company came to us in search of a product sheet for its commercial grape brand, SamSonS. The product sheet would showcase 24 products for use in trade shows, including the Southeast Produce Council.

With no time to waste, we rolled up our sleeves to the task at hand.

The Hurdles

SamSonS grows red, green and black grapes each with a conventional, organic and specialty variety. These varieties are then packaged in four-lb, three-lb or two-lb clamshells or bags, styrofoam cartons or boxes.

Fowler Packing provided a box of green and red grapes to photograph for the product sheet. When we got ahold of the products in late January, with grapes no longer in season, there were no black grapes to photograph.

JP graphic designers Josh and Oliver quickly launched the task of rendering a real product in a simulated packaging, creating a virtually photorealistic image.

Squeezing Four Weeks into Two

Behind of the scenes of photoshoot

While working alongside Fowler Packing, our all-star designers found this time-crunch a challenge to test their attention to detail and precision.

Oliver initiated the project’s momentum with two full days of meticulous grape cleaning, product positioning, swapping and, of course, photographing. The moment those photos were shot and downloaded Josh got to editing. He was able to color-correct all of the red grapes to black and touch up each grape to look market-ready. Tediously, he designed packaging labels and synthetic boxes for each individual variety and type.

SamSonS green grapes

SamSonS black grapes


To make one cohesive image, the team created three individual layers of the packaging, labels and the grapes. We saw an opportunity to dive deeper in our Photoshop skills to give our client the best end result possible. What started out as 24 products turned into 70 three-dimensional objects to use for the product sheet, a substantial difference from the expected.

After more than 100 hours, Josh and Oliver became the living example that hard work and attention to detail will always work in your favor. Every time we eat a handful of SamSonS grapes, we chuckle. We hope you enjoy SamSonS as much as we do!

SamSonS product sheet mockup

HAYDEN GRAY, Copywriter Intern