#BTS: How We Pulled Off JP’s 25th Anniversary Photo

We’ve gotta be honest: not every big idea is born on a cocktail napkin. Sometimes, it takes months of creative conversations and hours of prep work to realize a vision.

And every so often, a whole lotta Photoshop.

For JP’s 25th anniversary, our team wanted to honor the tradition of the annual team photo with a concept that was as big as the milestone. With high-style, magical carnival as our anniversary party theme, we knew the photo had to be over-the-top – something grand and mesmerizing. The only thing required for the photo was a tent. And attire. And to figure out how to juggle. (OK, we needed everything.)

So how do you create a high-end circus with 30 marketing professionals? One photo at a time.

Oliver (our in-house photog) and I spent several weeks researching vintage carnival performers and culled our favorite images of eclectic entertainers. From fire breathers to strongmen (or in our case, strongwomen!), we found the perfect inspo photos that captured the energy and spirit of our vision.

Since JP was turning 25, we wanted everyone in the photo to be dressed to the nines. To convey couture without the price tag, we turned to local vintage hotspot blkmktplc for inspiration and styling. For our shoot, founder Álvaro Romero graciously loaned us some beautiful clothing, including one-of-a-kind pieces that we were ready to wear home.

We also conducted a series of light tests to refine that air of mystery:

We took care to add the final touches during every shoot, whether it was adding an extra bit of bling on a wrist or taping balloons together to create the perfect prop.

Three weeks and 30 individual shoots later, we packed up the tripod and prepared for the hard part.

Twenty-five years ago, pulling off the team photo looked a whole lot different than it does today. Now, with nearly three dozen people to fit into frame (plus props), it wasn’t easy finding the perfect placement for every JPeep. While you may think some of our team members moonlight as magicians, those balancing acts were all carefully Photoshopped.


1,878 photos, more than 100 hours of labor, and 164 Photoshop layers later, we think the final photo looks pretty magical – and captures the passion, energy and creativity of our whole team. Plus, if you think about it, that level of Photoshopping is just as intense as balancing on a ball in stilettos.

We hope you join us on December 11 as we celebrate 25 years of the extraordinary, the unbelievable and the marvelous!

KATRINA RIGGS, Copywriter (and Oliver’s trusted photo assistant)