Real Proud of Our Reel Pride Support

Looking Back Through The Years

In retrospect, there was never a question that we wouldn’t help. And when one of JP’s Team Members (who happened to be on the Reel Pride Board) brought us the opportunity to create posters for the Reel Pride Film Festival, it was met with an immediate and resounding “Yes!”

Since 2013, JP Marketing has created pro-bono designs for this amazing event. Not because it’s our job. Not because it’s fun. Not even because it’s great to have on an agency’s resume. But because we enthusiastically want to forward the Reel Pride mission, and fully support their positive work within both the LGBTQ and creative community.

Fresno 24th Annual Reel Pride (2013 Poster)

Look through the past 6 years of posters and program covers we created and you’ll see just how far the event has come, with the Reel Pride message evolving to be even more inclusive.

The best part? Last year in 2018, over 40 movies, documentaries and short films were featured in the annual event. These boundary–breaking films brought record-breaking attendance from folks across the United States, making Reel Pride in Fresno the 6th largest LGBTQ film festival in the country. We’re proud to think we had a little something to do with this success.