Creating Wins: When Recycling Builds Relationships

JP Marketing was excited to work with the City of Fresno’s Department of Public Utilities (DPU) on a new project to educate the public about recycling bottles and cans. With the client’s hard-earned trust and our freedom to try a new idea, we developed a series of refreshing videos on recycling – check out our approach and final product!

Team Trust

After more than a year of working with JP, the client developed full trust in our team’s recommendations and creativity. DPU’s solid waste division was open to something new, and the only direction was “to create a 15-second video that’s visually interesting for the customer.” With the freedom to explore a variety of ideas, the creative team got to work on an approach that would be most beneficial to the client and visually captivating to our audience.

Creative Challenges & Freedom

The creative team realized that to keep the video visually appealing while educating the audience about recycling facts would be challenging to achieve in just 15 seconds. To keep the audience engaged with the amount of information delivered, the team recommended a series of videos with different recycling facts in each one. The team also researched the client’s previous recycling campaigns and found that the client typically incorporated “real people” into the recycling message. We decided to switch gears and developed a series of brightly colored animated videos. Our creatives found the perfect blend of information and colorful texture to create a splashy storyboard and pitched it to the client for approval before bringing all four videos to life.

"Did You Know?""3 billion bottles & cans went into landfills""Keep Fresno Clean""Call 621-1111 to schedule a FREE recycling presentation"

The Final Product

The video series JP created was eye-catching and upbeat. Most importantly, the client loved the series approach, and the recycling message was well-received by our audience.

Working with JP means collaboration and creating wins together. We cultivate trust with every client, and work hard for the freedom and opportunity to create something exciting and new. The success of DPU’s 15-second “bumper” videos is all thanks to both the client’s trust in JP and our understanding of the client’s message. Because when client trust and creative freedom come together, it always creates a win.

Check out our recycling videos and let us know what you think!

BAILEY MARGOSIAN, Account/Media Intern