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April Recap


Thinking it’s time for a little website TLC? If your website is more than two years old, you’re probably right and you’re not alone. Here at JP, we used to joke that if you don’t have a website, you probably don’t exist. Now we’re serious. And if you don’t have a robust, user-friendly and mobile-optimized site, you’re probably damaging your brand.

County Medical Services Program (CMSP) contracted us for an overhaul of its brand and website, and it was needed sooner than later. Unafraid of a challenge, and focused on a quick client win, the JP creative team dug in on designs.

Initially, our in-house creative team presented the client with two design options for the home page as well as two design options for the internal pages. To help facilitate the tight timeline, CMSP committed to timely aggregate feedback from its stakeholders. Once feedback was received, JP immediately turned around edits, design changes and navigation changes. The website launched the first week of April and the client has received a shower of positive feedback. CMSP’s website went from outdated and lacking content to shiny new and improved. You can see for yourself with the before and after screenshots or click here to peruse the site for yourself here. Our team pulled together for an on-time delivery of a website on a tight deadline that made everyone happy. That’s one for the “client win” bucket!

County Medical Services Program new website

County Medical Services Program old website


Many classic cars are parked in a row during a public car gathering. In the background other people are visible throughout the frame.

Cherry Avenue’s Semi-Annual Auto Swap has been an ongoing event, taking place in this valley for over 25 years. This event attracts thousands of buyers and spectators each spring and fall. Spoiler alert: With our help, the results of this year’s spring event beat last year’s. Here’s the secret sauce:

Plan Early

Even if you have the same special event or seasonal sale every year, you should have your first planning meeting 90 days prior. This allows plenty of time for evaluating what went well and what could be improved from the previous year. Then, strategically decide what stays and what gets revamped.

Optimize Budgets

Sometimes event or promotional budgets are limited, but that shouldn’t limit your thinking. Carefully analyze your target audience and how to best reach them without ruling things out because you think they are too expensive. You can start with lower-cost activities, like social media posts and eblasts, early on in the planning process. For more pricey activities, plan to be as “everywhere” as possible for the week leading up to the event. In the case of the Auto Swap, we were able to utilize traditional media (television and radio) and digital media (audience buying, social media and email) despite a small budget.

Pay Attention

Opportunities to get the word out will pop up if you are paying attention. For example, during event set up, have anyone around post to social media that they are getting ready for the big event. This type of networking can spread quickly to a wide audience that may not have otherwise seen any event advertising. With an intense focus on marketing early and at the eleventh hour, you will see opportunities that you may have missed otherwise.

Cherry Ave owner, Neil Burson, reported that they had a great turn out, the best in years. Here’s to a great Fall Auto Swap event this September. See you there!


JANE OLVERA, President