Workplace Wellness

Health and wellness programs have become such an important employee benefit that the corporate wellness industry earned $8 billion last year. Companies like Google and NBC Universal have fully staffed fitness centers, on-site chiropractors, physical therapists and they even offer massage services.

Although, you don’t have to work at a Fortune 500 company to stay happy and healthy at work. With the rise in acceptance of workplace wellness, starting an office routine of your own in order to stay productive and efficient, is now simpler than ever.


Now before you ask “what if that employees start showing up at the office with yoga mats and sandals?” You should know it’s quite effective. A study by UCLA’s Neurology Department showed that meditation can increase your brain’s power to process information and be attentive, which in turn helps you be more efficient!

Staying Active

At JP, we often take short walks outside, utilize scooters to get around the office and we also have a treadmill desk that can be booked during the day if you want to walk and work.

While these activities can help your mental health, they are also very beneficial for your physical health. Our bodies were made to move, but it’s so easy to not stay active when we sit at our desks for 8 – 10 hours a day.


A simple 5-minute stretch of your back, core and shoulders during breaks can really combat the pain we get from sitting in our chairs all day. If you’re having a particularly stressful workday, find an empty room where you can do a whole body stretch.

This is where I try to implement “Bring Your Yoga Mat to Work Day,” “Sip & Stretch Happy Hours,” and “Meditation Monday,” ideas because I love yoga mats. If you’re not as fond of them as I am, take the challenge of stretching in your chair and taking some deep breaths while you work.

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Christina Chann, Assistant Media Buyer