brand perception

Brand Perception

Amazon. Apple. Google.

What do they have in common? Not only are they the most recognizable names in the world, they’re also the most valuable brands of the year in terms of marketing investment, stakeholder investment and business performance. Are we even surprised?

But how exactly did these billion-dollar companies achieve this? Well, if you sat down with each of the CEOs, I’m sure they would share a variety of similarities and differences. With brand perception likely being the common denominator.

Brand Perception

It’s described as “the collective consumer perception of what a company’s products or services represent.” In other words, you might own your business, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you own the thoughts or feelings people associate with your business.

Unfortunately, a company can’t ever fully control how consumers perceive their brand. However, businesses do have the power to influence their target audience with the appropriate messaging and tactics to steer their perception in the desired path.

Influence Brand Perception

brand perception

Perception is reality. Determining early on the type of image/culture you want your company to portray will make it easier for you to provide the reality you want your customers to experience.

For example, if you want your company to be seen as a friendly, caring and trusting, then you would need to exhibit these characteristics through campaign messaging and customer service.

This will evidently translate to the real world when consumers see your brand. They’ll recall their experiences with your customer service team or an article they read online about you.

Measure Brand Perception

brand perception

One of the most efficient and accurate ways to measure your brand perception is to get feedback from your customers. This is why retailers always encourage and often reward shoppers for participating in surveys.

The only downfall is that writing and taking surveys can be very time consuming. Not to mention the endless information you will have to sort through after you collect the data. Realistically, if you are trying to run a successful business, then you probably don’t have that kind of time. That’s where our team steps in!

From developing creative messaging and tactics to turning around your brand perception, all the way to handling the nitty-gritty boots on the ground survey work. Learn more about MMAPS, our exclusive consumer-based research survey tool here.

Xitlaly Ocampo, Outreach Coordinator