“These Ads Keep Following Me!” – Retargeting

Being a millennial makeup junkie, I shop online a lot. One day I added some lipstick from my favorite makeup brand to the shopping cart, but I never completed my order.

A couple days later I’m reading an article and on the side of my screen is an ad about the lonely tube of lipstick I never bought! In the digital marketing world, that’s called retargeting.


What is Retargeting

It’s a digital tactic where you target a user who has interacted with your website. Statistics show that only 2-5% of people convert upon the first visit to a website. To make sure the other 95% of the population stays engaged, a lot of businesses retarget.


How to Retarget Consumers

One option is pixel placement and the other is with a form fill of some type. Retargeting with a pixel requires a line of code on your website. So as your audience explores your website, the pixel is throwing cookies to their browser to make sure your ads show up later.

The form fill method is just as it sounds. You entice your audience to share their email with you so they’ll be able to receive awesome discounts, updates or even invites to special events so you can target them down the road!

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Christin Chann, Media Assistant