a day in the life of an account manager

A Day in the Life of an Account Manager

Every day in the marketing world is a crazy adventure. No two days are ever alike. The same can be said when you look at it through a different set of eyes. Today we’ll get a peek into mega-multitasker, Kiah’s day. 

Rise and Shine


5:30 am: Wake up. Check my phone for important emails and Slacks, then get ready for the day.

6:45 am: Head to the office while listening to NPR to get caught up on the news.

7:00 am: Arrive at the office, but first… COFFEE!

7:05 am: Review my list of priorities for the day. I use Wunderlist to stay organized.

7:15 am: Sort through emails and update clients on projects as needed via email and our project management platform, Mavenlink.

8:00 am: Jump on a call with a vendor for a new possible reporting platform.

8:45 am: Meet with Brandon, one of our web developers, to review the second round of design revisions for a client website.

10:00 am: Lead our Farm to Shelf team meeting with discussions of on-boarding clients and new projects.

11:00 am: Attend my first client meeting of the day. It’s a bi-weekly meeting so we’re discussing ongoing projects and a big anniversary event in May.

Let’s Take a Breather


Noon: Lunch time in the JP kitchen with the HQ crew (we never win but we still try every day).

12:30 pm: Catch up on emails (yes, they never stop coming). Review and respond to incoming client requests and send out artwork for a client to review.

1:25 pm: Coffee break.

1:30 pm: Head to my second client meeting of the day. It’s a new client, so first we’ll tour the office. Then, it’s a firestorm meeting to discuss the launch of their new marketing initiatives.

2:45 pm: Join an in-studio photoshoot for a client’s ingredient list. I work with the photographer to capture the shot list. We’re photographing date paste and raisin juice. Yum?

3:30 pm: Step away from the shoot to meet with a designer to review a new packaging concept. He shows me several concepts for consideration. We discuss a few tweaks and I’m back to the shoot.

4:00 pm: Sit in my last client meeting for the day. This client is located in Washington, so we hop on a web conference call. We’re currently working on their website, but they need a sales collateral kit. We review and audit their current collaterals and discuss the next steps.

5:00 pm: Pause.

…I can’t believe it’s already five o’clock.

I get back to my computer, update my Wunderlist and respond to emails.

Time to Go Home!


5:30 pm: Head home to make dinner. I stop by the grocery store on the way. Tonight it’s a teriyaki stir-fry.

8:00 pm: Meet up with a friend and head to our favorite aerobics class, High Fitness.

9:30 pm: Get ready for bed to repeat the cycle tomorrow.

Kiah Tiftick, Account Manager