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All About Alliteration – and #AgencyLife

Hello, I’m Carlos Perez. I’m what you might have referred to in school as, “the new guy on campus.” I mean I fit all the basic criteria:

  1. I started at JP just a couple of months ago
  2. I wear glasses and carry a backpack to (and from) the office
  3. I ask 1,001 questions each day (OK maybe more like 5 – 6 a day)

Things You May Not Know

I’ve been in the advertising world (trust me, it’s a world of its own) for about six years. I love alliteration. I love cats, compacts discs, and cardio (I teach a few classes at GB3). Did I say I love alliteration?

But enough about me – we can meet for coffee sometime and I can tell you all about who I am and what I’m about. I’ve only got you for a minute or two so let’s get right down to it.

I was asked to write a blog for the agency. Shoot. What do I say?

Do I talk about myself? Check.

Do I talk about how I’m new and excited for the challenges ahead? Check.

So again – what else do I say?

CP at JP

Well, being the, “new guy on campus,” I came to JP Marketing with fresh eyes. A fresh perspective, if you will. I saw the camaraderie between employees from the moment I walked in the door. I listened to how they communicated with one another since my first day here and I learned how the creative process works when you’re on ROWE.

Wait. There it is.

Camaraderie. Communication. Creativity.

Alliteration at its finest. Boom!

Whether you’re a new graduate looking for a place to call home or a new business looking for an agency to be your creative partner, chances are you want to find a place that offers something unique.

Being a part of multiple agencies over the last six years, I know that there are so many creative partners in the Fresno area alone – many other award-winning agencies, at that  – but what makes JP Marketing special? What gives our team that extra something?

That is, what should you know about the #AgencyLife at JP Marketing when you’re looking for a marketing partner?

Why JP Marketing

Well, I can tell you that our services are plenty and our understanding of our clients is thorough. But beyond that, I’ve immediately seen that JP Marketing is an agency that truly personifies three characteristics:


Sorry to use an old Olive Garden tagline, but, “when you’re here, you’re family.” The employees enjoy one another’s company and it shows. That appreciation for one another is something that spreads truly into the relationships our agency holds with its clients. You’re more than just a, “vendor,” or a, “client,” – you’re family. And we’re not talking the crazy type of family you only see once a year during the holidays – no, we’re talking about the good ‘ole apple pie eating, singing songs around the piano, make you feel good type of family.


Not only do we communicate frequently with one another, but we believe in picking up the phone and taking your call as well. And if we miss it? We’ll call you back right away. It sounds silly to say, but in an age where digital communication (texting, messaging, email) is king, we still believe (and enjoy) a good old-fashioned phone call. We’ve got a lot to say, but we also want to listen to what you want to share.


This is something you could find at any other advertising agency, yes, but at JP Marketing the award-winning creative (and the people who put that art together) can’t be found anywhere else. What’s more is that we believe EVERYONE has a voice and we want to hear it. We want to collaborate with you and we want you to enjoy the final product. Again – you’re family.

Let’s Review

Introduce the new guy? Check.

Talk about what makes JP Marketing worth your while? Check.

Incorporate something I love (ahem… alliteration) and an overused millennial hashtag (ahem…. #AgencyLife). Check.

So thanks for listening (well, reading). I was serious about the coffee …and the cats.

Carlos Perez, Account Manager