Type Tuesday: The Letter V

This is a continuation of the series of designs based on the alphabet from our Creative team. Each post will include their designs and a peek into their process. Here’s a look inside Michael’s process. Enjoy!

For my final letter of the Type Tuesday series, I wanted to do something that I would enjoy. I needed to create something that I wouldn’t mind spending a little bit of time on. Being that I was assigned to this around the same time a certain space adventure movie had debuted, I was convinced I needed to ‘tie’ that in. (prepare yourself for a ton of dad jokes/nerd puns).

The other side of the process also required me to connect my letter to this theme somehow. Going against the, “light side,” of my morality, I turned to a much, “darker,” side of the galaxy.

Words such as, “villain,” and, “victory,” came to mind. I blame a much-anticipated Xbox One game that I’ve been playing in my free time; a sequel game to this same galactic theme. So there embarked my quest to come up with a letter, inspired from some of the armor of the poorly aimed militia units.

Step 1: Start with a Base Letter

I needed the letter to hold some weight to give it a strong base. A bold letter would also help reinforce the strength one would expect to have in a militia. I also needed this to be a little thicker to build the armor on. I ended up creating this letter myself, instead of basing it off of a pre-selected font. This was easy enough.

Step 2: Explore the Possibilities


Starting with some basic strong lines, maybe a few curved shapes to emphasize the curvature when wearing this type of gear? My next decision was to determine whether to give the letter a flat design look, or try to give it more dimension.

Step 3: Adding Dimension


I decided to give it dimension where it made sense and force myself to still keep the overall design clean. I also tried to keep in mind what I could add at the very end, to give highlights or shadows, when I got to that point.

Step 4: Symmetry


I also thought this would be a little easier on the eyes if I made it symmetrical. My original intention was to make both sides of the, “V,” different, but it started to become harder to keep the balance. Armor on a person would also be symmetrical for the most part.

Step 5: Mirroring


The letter was complete once both sides were mirrored. I was pretty happy with the result, but it was still missing something. I needed to make the letter stand out more, and give it a proper space.

Final Letter


And viola! Adding the perfect balance to the galaxy once again.


To see the process overlapped, here’s a nice look at the progression.

Michael Romero, Web Developer/Designer