The letter T

Type Tuesday: The Letter T

This is a continuation of the series of designs based on the alphabet from our Creative team. Each post will include their designs and a peek into their process. Here’s a look inside Vicken’s process. Enjoy!

When I was assigned the letter T, I decided to work outside of my comfort zone and try something new. Our Art Director, Bryan Pickens, lent me his carving tools so I could explore Linocut design.

Linocut is a printmaking technique in which a sheet of linoleum (mine was mounted on a wooden block) is used for a relief surface. This technique was first used in Germany between 1905 and 1913.

Step 1: Carving

First, I used a gouge to cut my design into the linoleum surface, with the un-carved areas representing a mirror image of the parts to show printed.

Step 2: Painting

Then I inked the linoleum sheet with a roller and then impressed it onto paper.

Step 3: Rolling

Although you can finish the printing with a printing press, I completed mine by hand.

The Final Result:

Thanks for following along my journey with the letter T!

Vicken Massoyan, Senior Graphic Designer.