Social Media Engagement is Greater Than the Number of Followers

Social media seems to have convinced a majority of its audience that if you have a lot of followers that means you have a successful page. Hate to break it to you, but that’s not entirely true. Though it may seem impressive to have thousands of followers on a social media page, the real key to a successful social media page is the engagement it receives.

Truth Behind the Number of Followers

Think of it like this: is it better to have 2,000 followers that don’t like, comment, or share your posts? Or is it better to have 50 followers where the majority consistently like, comment, or share your content? Though having a large following is a great ego-boost, the latter is a much better result for your page. After all quality is much better than quantity!

When your content is consistently receiving ample engagement, it’s helping to promote your brand. You can achieve this by having a quality following who genuinely want to engage with your page’s content. This is why you should never pay for followers. All it does is add to an unimportant number, because more than likely those purchased followers are not going to engage with your content.

Refocus Your Attention on the Engagement

Now that you have a basic understanding of why engagement is where it’s really at, it’s time to refocus your energy from getting a large following to getting quality engagement. To do so you need worthy followers.

But how do you attract these followers? Start by truly understanding whom your audience is. Once you know that, it’s easier to comprehend what they like, dislike, and so forth. Then you can utilize that knowledge toward understanding the kind of content your audience wants to see and likely will engage with. From there, it’s time to create that engaging content!

How to Create More Engagement for Your Social Media Page

It may seem daunting to achieve this, but that’s because you’re overthinking it. Simply create content that is likable, sharable, and engaging. There are plenty of ways to do so: make your audience laugh, ask them questions, inform them with facts, give inspiration, and so much more! Take time to experiment with this to see what works best for your page, because what works for one page doesn’t necessarily work for all.

Remember This…

The beauty of social media is the fact that there is no singular right or wrong way to go about it. This can be both good and bad. However, when you are equipped with the right set of knowledge and tools, it can help to truly set your social media skills on another level. Realize though that great social media pages aren’t built in a day. With that said, be patient, experiment, and have fun becoming a social media boss!

If you’d like help with social media, feel free to reach out to us to see what we can do for you!

Katie Silva, Outreach Coordinator