How JP’s Gears Move

An advertising agency can be very intimidating and can seem complex to someone looking in. We get that. But we’re here to debunk that myth. Here at JP Marketing, we like to be the opposite of intimidating. We like to collaborate with our clients and show them our process. Here’s a peek inside our agency!

Who’s Who and What Do They Do

As many of you know, JP stands for Jane and Paul. They are the fearless owners of JP and none of us would be working here if it wasn’t for them. Over the 22+ years JP Marketing has been in business, the agency has evolved to include multiple departments, but we essentially have the Account side and the Creative side. But don’t worry, as a client you don’t have to pick a side. You get to work with all of us!

The Amazing Account Team

On the account team, we have Account Executives, Account Managers, Account Coordinators, Media Buyers, Social Media Managers, Copywriters, and PR pros.

Account Executives are the big picture kind of people. They develop the strategy for our client’s marketing plans. The Account Managers and Account Coordinators are the client’s daily contact. They are constantly connected with our clients and they are amazing project managers.

Media buyers, as you probably guessed, buy the media. But they do so much more than just that. They create extensive media plans and negotiate with media reps to get the best placement for our clients. At JP, our media buyers also handle the digital buying side, including Google AdWords. They always know the latest digital and traditional media trends.

Within the Account team, we have our PR team that consists of our savvy social media managers, copywriters who come up with clever scripts, and our Public Relations pros. Our PR team is also great at event planning. They’re definitely a vital part of the JP team.

The Captivating Creative Team

Although everyone at JP is creative, we specifically call the graphic designers, web developers, photographers, and videographers the Creative team. They turn ideas into reality.

The graphic designers are the pros that design captivating material for our clients. They create logos, print ads, digital banner ads, brochures, website designs, etc. You name it and they probably make it.

If a graphic designer designs a website, then the web developer is the one that codes the website and makes it come to life on the Internet. We have a team of web developers that have created many beautiful websites over the years. The photographer also plays a key role in websites because many times, he takes stunning photos for the website that really create the look and feel of the site.

How Do We All Work Together?

Let’s say one of our clients wants to start a digital advertising campaign. The Account Manager will meet with the Account Executive to go over the big picture ideas for the campaign. The Account Manager will also loop in the Media Buyer to this meeting so the Media Buyer can recommend what media channels the client should spend their budget on. Once the media plan is put together, the Account Manager will then communicate with the client, letting them know of our recommendations.

Now that there is a media plan in place, we have to make the ads. For a digital advertising campaign, we might have some digital banner ads, YouTube pre-roll commercials, social media ads, and Google AdWords.

The Account Manager then works with a copywriter who writes the copy for the digital banner ads. Now this is where the graphic designers come in. They get the copy and the creative direction, and then the magic happens.

Once the brilliant digital ads have been designed, the Account Manager sends the ads to the client. The manager lets the client know our reasoning and thought process behind the design of the ad. At JP, we value open communication and the collaborative process, so if the client has an edit or a suggestion, we’ll work with them until we have a finished product that everyone is happy with.

The process is similar for YouTube pre-roll commercials. The copywriter will write the script and then our photographer/videographer will film the commercial. We have an in-house video team who has made many videos and commercials; for bigger video projects we work with our preferred video vendor Windsong Productions.

That was just one example of how the process might look for a digital marketing project for a client. We handle so many different types of projects like websites, events, product packaging, market research and so much more.

We hope this overview gave you a better idea of how the gears move at JP. If you want to read more about our services, click here or contact us to see how we can help your business grow.