Blogging for Business: Creating Connections with Your Customers

Blogs are a powerful tool for businesses, but more often than not, blogs are the least utilized marketing tool. Have you ever wanted to know more about a topic so you Googled it? Of course, you have! Most likely, one of the top links on the Google search was a blog about that topic you just Googled.

You probably clicked on the link and scanned through the blog post. Maybe you even read the entire blog post because it had a lot of helpful information. Then, you might’ve stayed on that website and clicked around to look at the services or products it offers.

As marketers, we’re thrilled that you are looking at what the website offers because that was the main goal of the blog – to get you browsing the website, check out what it offers, and hopefully transform you into a customer!

Increased website traffic is just one of the many things blogging can do for your business. Let’s dive into the top three reasons your business should have a blog.

Make Strides in Your SEO Efforts

SEO, known as search engine optimization, is the organic or non-paid way your website shows up on search engines. Don’t get me wrong, paying for your website to appear in a Google search can greatly benefit your business, but also incorporating a non-paid way to appear on Google is a smart idea.

Google is constantly crawling websites and if your content is relevant to a Google search, you might pop up in the top results. Many business websites don’t have a lot of pages or content on their website, so Google wouldn’t find a good reason to show the website on a search. But if you start adding more website content like blogs, then you’ve added another opportunity for Google to find you and place you in its search results.

Generate Social Media Content

What is the easiest way to get in front of your customers? Social media! When you create quality blogs, you can share this content across your social media channels. In turn, others can share your content on their own social media accounts by reposting it.

Blogs shared on social media provide valuable content to your current followers. It also allows people checking out your social media to learn things about your business they may not have known and hopefully even become a customer. We share our JP blogs on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and we have received multiple leads via social media!

Establish Your Credibility

If you are wondering what kind of blog topics your business should write about, a great way is to have blogs that answer common questions your customers have. Writing a blog that addresses a frequently asked question can help you establish credibility and authority with the reader, while answering their question.

If you have a solid amount of content that is helpful to consumers and addresses people’s issues, they will start to trust you and recognize you as the expert. Hopefully, the end result is that they trust you enough to become your customer.

Research shows that 82 percent of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content and 70 percent feel closer to a company as a result of content marketing.

You want to be a credible source for your potential customers. Blogging can help you achieve that. However, not everyone likes to write and we understand that. Consider working with content experts (like JP!) to create a blogging content strategy. If you are interested in creating new blog content for your website, contact us!

Alexa Ude, Account Coordinator

P.S. See what I did there at the end? That is a call-to-action and it’s a great thing to have at the end of a blog to help guide your customers. We can let you know about more types of call-to-action options when you contact us about blog writing!