Cherry Auction Auto Swap

Client Wins: Cherry Avenue Auction’s Surging Growth

Chances are if you’ve lived in the Central Valley for more than a year you know the icon that is the Cherry Avenue Auction. Maybe you go for the good deals or the tasty food, but either way, you’ve probably spent a Saturday or two exploring.

But have you heard about the Auto Swap? This is Cherry Auction’s bi-annual auto-themed event for auto enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes. You can buy or sell used car parts, merchandise, or even sell your classic car.

The Challenge

Unfortunately, for the last five years this event has unfortunately seen declining attendance and fewer vendors signing up to participate. The owners of Cherry Avenue challenged JP Marketing to find a way to inject life into this sputtering event.

Getting it done

We had strategies and tactics right off the bat to give this event a breath of fresh air and deliver quality results.

Finding the right partners

Believe it or not, Fresno has a bustling auto scene. We also know that birds of a feather flock together so we suggested partnering with the Hot Rod Coalition, who has an audience we would like to get to know better.

This was also a great event for Auto Swap to be able to support a local community benefit organization. The Boys and Girls Club does great work in the Central Valley and we were confident that our support of the organization would resonate positively with attendees.

Brand uniformity

After doing a quick audit, we noticed the designs and messaging weren’t cohesive. Before we began advertising this event, we worked with the client to define our messaging and make sure that all of the campaign assets worked well together.

Cherry Avenue Auction Spring Auto Swap Facebook Photo

Reaching the right audience

To tie everything together we also recommended an increased advertising budget from the previous year to continue to place our media in front of the right audience.

The results

Cherry Avenue Auction implemented all our suggestions and experienced results far beyond its expectations.

We are proud to share that the spring Auto Swap had an increase of 50 vendors, 1,000 additional attendees, and significant growth in their classic car show from the previous year.

It just goes to show that with a little creativity, trust, and the JP Marketing team, great things can happen! If you’re looking to drive higher attendance numbers for your next event, reach out and we can chat.

Michele Meisch, Account Manager