Creating a Secure Web: Why HTTPS and SSL Matter

When you’re browsing the Internet, you expect a certain level of security and safety. But how do you actually know the website you’re browsing is safe and secure?

On the web, 2017 will be remembered as the year of security. This year, search engine giant Google has set the expectations for websites to have better security than ever before which will have a lasting impact on businesses.

Why should your business care about SSL and HTTPS?

First, you need to understand what the basics of HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and how it impacts your website.

HTTPS encrypts the visitors’ data that is sent to your website, so no outsider can read and/or modify the data being sent. This works both ways as well, the data sent from your website to the user is also encrypted. The end result is a more secure experience for your business’ website and the users that visit.

In January, Google and other browsers have pushed for a more secure web experience. Moving forward, websites with only HTTP pages that collect login and/or credit card information will be flagged “not secure.” This is a significant user experience change from the padlock with a red slash through it when websites weren’t secure on Firefox and Chrome.

Google has already released a statement that it is going to gradually increase the warning to users on non-secure web pages. By September 2017, it’s expected that any website that is HTTP will be flagged with bold red letters before the URL as “Not Secure.”

Both Chrome and Firefox clearly label HTTPS websites as secure. It gives the users increased confidence that the website can be trusted. You may also experience a bump in SEO and performance when you convert to HTTPS, as explained by Google.

HTTPS SSL Secure Website Example

What are the next steps for HTTPS and SSL?

There is a lot at stake for your business. Do you wait on upgrading and possibly be labeled as not a secure website? Waiting can lead to a decrease in consumer confidence which can lead to a decline in sales.

We recommend that you jump ahead of your competition and make the switch. Not only will you enhance the trust your customers have in your business, but we will all be doing our part of creating a safer Web.

The JP team can do a quick audit of your website to make sure that you are providing a secure experience. Contact us to get started!

Brandon Ocegueda, Web Developer/ Designer