The Power of Social Media Videos: What You Need to Know & Why You Need Them

As I’m scrolling through Facebook, it seems like every post I see is a video! Video is taking over the Internet these days and you can see that trend in action as you browse Facebook. Let’s be honest though, Facebook sets trends and whether you like it or not, you have to hop on board because your customers are already there.

Facebook has said that its News Feed algorithm would now favor videos and even more interesting is that Facebook Live videos would be more likely to appear higher in News Feed. Now they are looking to integrate virtual reality through their acquisition of Oculus. Can you even imagine the explosion of VR on Facebook? The most popular form of virtual reality is 360-degree videos since they tend to be the easiest and least expense to produce and experience.

Now, I understand virtual reality and 360-degree videos might be a stretch for your company, so instead, I challenge you to start using regular video in your marketing efforts.

Video on social media is a great opportunity for your business to capitalize on. Marketers want to use video in their social media efforts, however, not a ton are utilizing it. More than 83 percent of marketers in a BufferApp survey said they’d like to create more video content for social if they didn’t have restraints such as time and resources. And to that, I say, are you missing out on business by not making videos? Carve out a little time in your week or even consider hiring someone to help!

Gathering Your Tools: What You Need to Get Started

It really doesn’t take as much time as you would think if you plan ahead. And remember, for social media, you don’t need commercial quality videos. In fact, here’s all you need:

  • Smartphone ✔
  • Tri-pod for steady videos ✔
  • Video editing app and intermediate video editing skills ✔
  • A little bit of time ✔

Oh, and don’t forget talent for the video! Most of the time, the talent will be someone from your company who can talk about your product, business, etc. Not everyone is super comfortable being in front of a camera, even if it is just a camera phone.

I suggest trying to get them to warm up and do a few rough takes and then by the third or fourth time, it will go much more smoothly. If you have a natural on your hands, why not go live!

Creating Content That Matters to Your Customers

What should your video be about, you ask? Well, an easy answer is your product. According to Hubspot, 90 percent of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision-making process. For one of our clients, Groppetti Automotive, we have filmed sales consultants showing off cool features on new cars. These videos are usually less than one minute long (because we know attention spans don’t last much longer than that) and they give the customers what they want, which is to be able to shop their selection of cars from their phone.

This video of Arwin Aguinaldo, a Visalia Honda sales consultant, organically reached nearly 1,500 people and had more than 600 video views. Best part? It’s only 20 seconds long! A short clip like this is easy for viewers to digest and will help you build brand recognition.

Showing off your product in videos is easy to do, but it’s important for it not to be the center of all your videos. Potential customers can tell when you’re being too “sales-y” so instead, try switching it up and focus on your business, some fun behind-the-scenes clips or showcase your company’s culture.

Here is an example of a great Q&A session with Trent Dilfer. While this was a produced by a video production company, this format can be easily replicated as smartphone videos or as Facebook Live videos.

Go Live: Utilizing Facebook Live Videos

Have you watched a Facebook Live video yet? They’re a fun and unique way to engage with your fans. When you go live, your fans will be notified and once you have ended the video, it will still be on your page for fans to watch. There is also Instagram Live, which launched a few months ago.

Here are a few ways your brand can utilize Facebook Live:

  • Events – Do you have a charity event that your company is sponsoring? Go live and show everyone! Or maybe your company is hosting a huge sales event with free food and music; tell them why they should come!
  • Question & Answer – If you have a product that can be demonstrated or maybe you provide a service that a lot of people don’t understand, host a Q&A session. These videos are great to educate new or potential customers and move them along the buying journey.
  • Interviews – Do you have a team member that has a lot of good information to share? Record it and let your fans get to know your company better!

Whether it’s edited video content or live, I encourage you to consider using it for your online marketing tactics because you will be amazed by the response.

What do you think of the power of video on social media? Are you using it yet for your business? Let us know in the comments!

Alexa Ude, Account Assistant