Creative Highlight: Transforming the Restaurant Experience

If you know JP, then you know we’re a pretty chill bunch. Our top priority is to always design amazing products for our clients and have a good time. If you don’t know us, well, the secret is out.

You can imagine how excited we were when an opportunity from our friends at the Fresno Advertising Federation (FAF) came across our desks.


Graphic design and beer? WE’RE THERE.

The thing is, we’re not the type of people to just “display” our work. Nothing is presented without being fully executed to the best of our ability. What it comes down to is the fact that we have a team chock-full of the biggest competitors and achievers you have ever met (seriously).

Every day we help businesses find their voices and build their brands; this would be no different. This time, our client would be the host of the FAF event, Craft Beer Wine Bistro (CBW) in north Fresno.

Designing for restaurants is always fun. There are so many pieces to the puzzle to make a unique customer experience. That customer journey starts from the moment someone walks in and continues all the way through to closing their tabs. Our designs would be cohesive and strategically focused to transform first-time customers into regulars.


Rallying the Troops

It’s not too often that we have a project where every single creative is involved. This would be an honest look at our teamwork and our process. What we created was a complete redesign of not only the menu but a refresh of the interior and branding employees as experts in beer, wine and cheese.


Make a Great First Impression: Custom Illustration Installation

When you walk in you are greeted by an impressive installation on the wall breaking down the wine and beer making process. With more than 15 craft beers on tap and 100 wines in stock, CBW’s customer is one who appreciates the finer details about their drinks. We’re confident the design of the step-by-step process would add to the atmosphere.


Capture Your Audience: Menu Designs That Boost the Average Transaction Size

The menu was redesigned to fit a slimmer profile and fastened to a wooden board to match the vibe and feel of the bistro. The simple design allows customers to easily find exactly what they’re craving, whether it’s beer, wine or food.


Finding Your Niche: Product and Business Development

A cornerstone of CBW’s new offerings would be expert pairing of beer (or wine) and cheese. Each employee would earn an expert designation in one of the three products or could be a master of all three. Flights of cheese and beer/wine would give the customer a chance to experience new tastes based on the recommendations of the expert. That ability to try new things is something that we are confident would bring customers back for more.


Know Your Customers: Integrating Retail Sales and Custom Packaging

In addition to the amazing beer and wine it has on its menu, it also has bottles of wine for sale. We know that bottles of wine make perfect gifts, but now customers can make a purchase and won’t even have to worry about the gift wrapping! The wrapping paper is a custom print of the symbols that represent the beer, wine and cheese aspect of the restaurant. This branded imprint can be seen subtly through our other materials.


Making the Phone Ring: Business Cards and Fliers

Last but not least, you should always have a calling card. For CBW, we upgraded its business cards to also serve as coasters. These can be handed out to potential customers and used within the restaurant. If a guest happens to take one home, they have the most important information to refer new customers.

In one month we designed a program that we are incredibly proud of. Not only does it transform an entire restaurant, but we were able to collaborate as a team every step of the way. If your business is looking to collaborate with the trailblazers of branding, marketing and advertising, contact us!

Cheers!  ????

Nicole Maul, Social Media Manager