Good Times at the 2016 PRSA Image Awards

The thing about public relations is that it is very hard to round up a group of pros for any one event, but every year the best and brightest of the Central Valley come together for the PRSA Central California Image Awards.

Thursday was a busy day for our team with everyone focused on event set-up for a client event, travel, and a City Council meeting. Did you expect anything less?! In that moment though, we were ready to celebrate the accomplishments made by not only our team, but our peers in 2015.

CiR495JUYAA7dMOThe luncheon kicked off in one of the most unconventional (but amazing) ways possible: JP President Jane Olvera Quebe was standing at the podium Facetiming with Alene Istanboulian from Los Angeles. A little odd, right? But we couldn’t let Alene miss the moment that she was named the 2016 PRSA Rookie of the Year!

Continuing the program, Anna Gonzalez, our PR and Content Director, was pinned for earning her Accreditation in Public Relations (APR). The APR designation showcases a professional’s competency in the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to practice effective public relations.

The JP team took home four additional awards for our work in public relations and social media:

  • Press Release: Award of Excellence: DAV Charities of Central California’s Cindy Aoki Memorial Golf Tournament, submitted by Anna Gonzalez
  • Social Media Campaign: Award of Excellence: Johnny Garlic’s Bowla Wednesday, submitted by Meg Lerma
  • Community Service/Relations Campaign: Award of Excellence: City of Hanford 60 Gallon Challenge, submitted by Nicole Maul
  • Special Event/Observance: Award of Merit: JP Marketing 21st Anniversary Party, submitted by Anna Gonzalez

For us, 2015 was a year of exceptional growth and opportunity. We are excited to continue to move our clients forward and advance our profession!