8 Steps to Beating the Big Brands – Step 8: Assignment

This last step is all about assembling your team and assigning tasks related to the previous seven steps. You will want to set a schedule for meetings and reporting, ensure your employees are accountable for their tasks, and have clear direction and expectations.

In a business, you have many people to delegate tasks to and you need to be careful about picking the right person for each task. Some options for delegation other than yourself or internal team members include:
• Family members
• Freelancers
• Specialty firms
• Full service agencies

The owner or founder of the business would probably be the best at explaining the mission statement.

When dealing with protecting your business, it is probably best to hire an IP attorney because they are very knowledgeable.

The next step, researching your competition, is an important task that can probably be handled by one of your internal team members.

A business owner does not have time to do everything else by him or herself, no matter how much they may want to, so it’s important to give some of these responsibilities to your employees or use other resources like agencies or freelancers.

Digital Footprint
For example, when creating your digital footprint, it would probably be best to have someone knowledgeable about web design, like a specialty firm, complete this vital job.

Customer Profiles
When researching your customers and their needs, you could do it yourself, but it would be smarter to use a full service agency because many provide extensive marketing research and knowledge. Why struggle through the process of obtaining customer information that isn’t fully informative, when an agency has all the resources and tools to provide extensive customer profiles and survey results.

If you follow the guidelines described in step six you should be able to create a budget that you are comfortable with and one that will help your business grow.

It’s very important to measure and track your business, so form a group of your best employees who are good with data and numbers. You will be able to set goals for your business, and your team can help with measuring these objectives.

Once you allocate the tasks, schedule meetings regularly to make sure everyone is taking responsibility for their assignments. After following these eight steps, you will be on our way to beating the big brands. I hope you found this blog series informative and are now ready to make your business grow and succeed.