2016 Media Trends To Watch

As 2016 begins, it’s important to consider the changes to the marketing landscape. At JP, we realize everyday is a challenge to learn the latest trends to optimize projects we work on for our clients.

2015 was the year digital truly introduced itself as a key player in the marketing world. A couple essential components that moved our client’s campaigns in the right direction was mobile messaging strategies and static desktop ads. These techniques have evolved into more targeted and centralized messages that will reach the right audience during key moments.

Here are some ways to keep your audience’s attention in 2016:

Decipher the micro-moments
As our Operations Director Jeanna says, “Our phones are our superheroes.” Having 24/7 access to services and products through our smartphones make it easy for consumers to seek answers when it’s top of mind. In 2015, there was a 20% increase in online sessions among smartphone users. These are called micro-moments – when consumers access for phones for minutes at a time for quick answers. These moments don’t necessarily mean it’s the peak moments for marketers’ messages to be the most effective.It’s key to differentiate between the peak times when people’s attention span is there and when their message is going unnoticed so those impressions aren’t going to waste.

Define the: “I want”… “I need”… “I want to do”
When we need an answer to a question, our mobile devices are our go-to. Why? Because it’s instant and usually gives us accurate results. Marketers have optimized consumer’s shopping experience through Google AdWords campaigns and mobile-friendly websites. Sephora’s recent research project revealed that shoppers were searching for product reviews in store. This research led the Sephora to redevelop its website to better highlight products for easy and informative access.

Be a resource
People search for their problems – not your solutions. We can thank the creation of intelligent personal assistants (IPAs) such as Siri, Google’s speech option app, Amazon’s Echo, and more for this trend. An average of 90% of smartphone users utilize their phones to reach a long-term goal during their spare time. Home Depot focused their Youtube channel around “how-to” DIY videos once they realized consumers were hunting for DIY projects from their phones. It’s important for marketers to research when and what their audience wants to learn about in order to reach them during their key buying moments.

Grab their attention fast
One-third of people are in a hurry when searching for a local business off their phone – and likely need an answer and need it now. Utilize Google AdWords to make sure your client’s online presence is tailored for exactly what its audience is searching for online. For example, if your client is running a click-to-call campaign, insert a call extension that will link the consumer directly to a service providing them with answers. Fact: People who search online for phone numbers are more likely to proceed with the call if it’s a local number.

Cheers to 2016 and conquering the digital landscape!

Mia Villarreal, Media Buyer/Account Assistant