Change Feels Good – New Logo, New Website & New Space

I’m the type of person who gets antsy and likes to change things up. I get the itch to move the living room furniture around to make it feel new when all I really did was shift everything to the left and vacuum under the couch. Or change my hair from dark brown and bangs to layers and highlights and then back again.

So when I read the story about how Google went through the process to refresh its logo, I suddenly looked at JP’s and got that itch. “Let’s update the logo,” I told my team, knowing full well that means change everything. It’s not just business cards, it’s website, signage, e-signatures and every single document template. “Oh, and let’s do it at the same time we’re moving our entire office, because that just makes sense.” Technically it does make sense because moving means we update business cards and all the other stuff anyway.

We help clients refresh existing brands or develop entirely new ones almost every week. But being the client is a totally different experience. I found myself emotionally attached to the old brand mark. I mean, it’s trademarked and I even have a custom ring of the design, so how could I possibly change?

Sneak a peek behind the logo process.
Sneak a peek behind the logo process.

Some of you are laughing right now as you think to yourself that it’s not that much different. You’re right. The circle in PMS 186 Red is the same. But I agonized over the font. We needed something simple and readable even at small scale. It needed a sense of weight and place and needed to be timeless. It needed to reflect us, and I needed to love it.

Now as we start to apply the new brand mark to things like business cards and signage, I find myself loving its simplicity and clarity more and more, and I am thrilled that the red circle carried over. Just like moving the living room furniture, sometimes you move it 15 different ways only to end up with a slight adjustment from where you started, but the change just feels good.

Celebrate all the big changes with us at our 21st Anniversary Party & Office Grand Opening on December 10 from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. RSVP on Facebook! 

Jane Olvera Quebe, President

2 thoughts on “Change Feels Good – New Logo, New Website & New Space”

  • I have mixed emotions saying “I knew you when…”. CONGRATS Jane & Paul. You guys have always done AMAZING WORK, and I know that will only continue as you get bigger and ‘badder’ in your new place.

    Love you guys and MISS you!!

    Ric Seaberg – San Diego
    Seaberg Audio Services – in Fresno 1978-1999

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