5 Things Social Media Managers are Thankful For

It’s no secret that social media, PR and marketing are some of the most stressful jobs in the United States. I see articles every week about ways to reduce your stress at work and how to take time out of your busy day to just breathe (if you’re looking for one of those articles, this one was pretty helpful).

One strategy that has helped me cope with the stressful moments at work is focusing on being grateful for my job. To help put it into perspective, here are five things social media managers can be thankful for:

Instagram, Facebook, and All Social Media Channels

I know what you’re thinking – Duh! Of course you’re thankful for those! Beyond the fact that my job is based on the existence of apps like Facebook and Instagram, I like to look beyond that. These channels allow social media managers to communicate and engage with audiences in a fun and creative way. I couldn’t imagine working with Excel files or Photoshop all day, but crafting witty and interesting posts for clients? I’m all for it! #ILoveMyJob

Tools That Make Our Jobs Easier

It can be tough trying to remember if I have responded to every comment or engaged enough on each social media channel for my clients. But tools like Hootsuite, Schedugram and Sprout Social play a big part in keeping me organized and managing those tasks. With the ability to schedule posts in advance, it frees up my time during the month to focus on engagement with fans and followers, which is time well spent in my opinion.


The beautiful thing about working in the marketing/advertising industry is that you’re around people who are different from you, but totally understand the stress that comes from deadlines, making clients happy and putting your best foot forward. While it may feel like you’re on your own sometimes, it’s important to remind yourself that the people around you get it and can help you out (whether it’s taking you to an early happy hour at the end of the week or just having a heart to heart in their office).

Job Freedoms/Perks

I can’t speak for every agency, but JP Marketing has done an amazing job of looking at different opportunities to keep its employees happy. In January 2016, we will move to a ROWE environment and have full control over where and when we work. I love having that trust from my bosses and the flexibility to determine when my best time to work is. There are lots of other perks (birthday/anniversary lunches every month, staff bonding trips, etc.) that I like to remember during stressful times because things can only get better.

The Opportunity to Learn

Social media is constantly changing with new platforms, tools and updates, which translate into ample learning opportunities. Since I love to learn, being a social media manager allows me to indulge in the wonderful world of ebooks and Mashable while implementing my ideas and creativity. Bottom line – even on my most stressful days, I still get to do what I love at the end of the day.

What are some things you’re thankful for at your job? Let us know in the comments!