Weekly Recap: 8/8 – 8/14

This week brought us some stories in which we just can’t help but sit back and enjoy from the sidelines. Target got trolled? Nat Geo released their Traveler Photo Contest winners? Hootsuite FINALLY integrates Instagram into their system? Oh, it’s definitely been a good week. Grab some popcorn, kick back and enjoy the Weekly Recap!


target-troll-1aTarget gets trolled after gender neutral switch

After making a big splash unveiling their plans to make the toy department gender neutral, Target’s Facebook turned into a battleground for opposing views to wage war on the company’s decision. That is until someone decided to troll those posters with snarky, off the cuff responses — which have no connection to Target whatsoever (other than the profile’s Target logo). Whatever your views on the topic may be, I just can’t help but get a chuckle out of it, honestly. Until I remember that I do social media for a living and trolls are my WORST NIGHTMARE.


Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 1.45.14 PMThe beauty of nature captured in Nat Geo’s 2015 photo contest

Be still my heart, because these stunning photos from National Geographic’s 2015 Traveler Photo Contest have me sitting on the edge of my seat ready to explore the world. Adventure is out there and these photos are proof that there is talent out there, too. Congrats to all of the winners! Best part, if you’re not a world-traveler like me? You can save the photos to use as wallpaper for your desktop, tablet or phone!


Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 1.53.44 PMHootsuite adds Instagram to lineup

Victory cheers can be heard from advertising agencies across the world, because Instagram is now integrated into the Hootsuite dashboard. We’ve shared the story of our sometimes strained relationship with Instagram before, but this is a big deal for content marketers and boy, do we know it. This should also force Sprout Social’s hand in adding publishing capabilities in the future. The social team at JP has jumped on board, so we’ll be sure to report back on how it works.


CL6QTnSWcAAkLakStraight Outta Compton meme sparks social media success

The N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton hit movie theaters today and based on their elaborate marketing efforts, the buzz created around this movie is major. We’re definitely impressed with the meme generator that allows you to create your own “Straight Outta ___________” meme. At JP, we have much love for Guy Fieri, so his Flavortown meme gave us some good laughs.



Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 4.13.51 PMInstagram’s advertising API is up and running

Lots of love in the news for Instagram this week! We’re excited to hear the announcement because the mobile advertising scene is about to get a major competitor. Watch out Google and Twitter! Buying ads on Instagram used to be an exclusive circle, but now everyone will be able to take part. The opportunities here are endless!



What was your favorite part of last week? Leave your response in the comments!