Weekly Recap: 6/27 – 7/03

Before you hit the road for the 4th of July, make sure you catch up with the news you need to know! Reddit is in an uproar, Facebook made “A” change, and our social media team celebrated their favorite day of the year. Trust us, if you’re headed to a party this weekend, you’ll want these headlines up your sleeve incase you get caught in an uncomfortable silence around the BBQ. Enjoy!


#SMDay 2015

We could talk all day about how much we love social media (duh!), so of course we celebrated Mashable’s annual Social Media Day. This year marks six years of having a day dedicated to social media and we want to send a special shout out to Anna, Meg, Mia and Nicole from our social team!


Untitled design





Facebook unveils new logo (sort of)

Can you spot the difference? If not, that’s okay. According to Wired, “the new blue wordmark keeps the favicon (that’s the “f” icon you see most often), changes up the “a” and features a rounder, slimmer custom typeface.”

It’s really just one of those things that is more annoying than anything. You can tell there is a difference, barely, but it’s enough to make you question if maybe you’re only seeing things.





Perks for riding with Lyft

Weren’t convinced by the fun, pink mustache to ride with Lyft instead of Uber? We can’t blame you too much, but Lyft did just get a little bit cooler. Their new perk program Lyft Nation, is a club for the upper echelon of its passengers in each city that includes secret parties and exclusive partnerships. Sign us up!


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Reddit in tail spin after staffer fired

If there was an internet equivalent of a building being on fire, I’m pretty sure that’s how we would describe Reddit over the last 24 hours. Reddit allegedly gave the boot to Victoria Taylor, coordinator of one of Reddit’s most popular subs /r/IAMA. Backlash ensued and several of the biggest subs shut down in protest. /R/IAmA is finally back online, as are most who went dark. /R/funny is still down as of this post, however. Where will we get our laughs from in the meantime?!



Fireworks shows in the Central Valley this weekend

This one is less about the news and more about the fun, because there is no way our July 3 blog would pass up mentioning fireworks! ABC30 has rounded up the best celebrations in the Valley for Independence Day weekend. You’re bound to find something the whole family will enjoy from this extensive list.






Let us know what your favorite stories from the past week were in the comments. Have a safe and happy Fourth of July weekend!