Weekly Recap: 6/13 – 6/19

The digital landscape is always evolving. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up our favorite stories from the previous week with potential to shake up our industry. Change is the game and staying up-to-date is our name – this is the Weekly Recap.

snoop ceo


After five years, Twitter and CEO Dick Costolo will go their separate ways. Five years is a solid amount of time, but now with a void left to fill, who will step in permanently? There isn’t a clear front-runner, BUT there have been a few rumblings in the Twittersphere that rapper Snoop Dogg is ready to throw his hat into the ring.  #SnoopForCEO and #IfSnoopWasTwitterCEO will provide some good laughs or if you’re not quite sold on the idea Snoop taking over. Retwizzles instead of retweets? Sign us up.





Finally! Netflix updates its website

A collective sigh can be heard throughout the entire JP office. About time, Netflix. Sure, there have been a few tweaks and minor changes from time to time, but it has been a solid four years since the last major update. What can we expect with the improved site? Netflix promises “a richer, more visual experience, and a website that works more like an app and less like a series of linked web pages.”




Cardinals investigated by FBI for hacking sensitive info

Sounds like someone from the St. Louis Cardinals is hating hard on the Houston Astros. Enough to hack into the Astros’ database to round up big information on the players, trades and scouting reports. We get it, there’s a rivalry there, but to completely throw ethics out the window? Oops. A really big oops.






Photoshop, Lightroom add ‘dehaze’ feature

FIle this one under “super cool upgrades.” We don’t have to tell you how cool programs like Photoshop and Lightroom are, but anytime a new feature is added we can’t help but giggle with joy. Dehaze will allow users to remove fog and haze from photos, enhancing the overall clarity of the photo.



Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 12.43.55 PM



Facebook introduces ‘Moments’ to standalone app lineup 

Tired of friends not sharing photos with you after an event? Facebook has rolled out “Moments” to solve that problem for you along with having to download another app. It’s a neat concept, but it is very similar to how Apple’s iCloud photo sharing works between iPhones. You’ve got our attention Facebook, but not necessarily our willingness to download another app.