Type Tuesday: Fonts We Love in June

Welcome back to Type Tuesday! Fonts always make us happy, so we’ve rounded up our favorites for June. Check out the ones we’ve fallen head over heels for.

Sweetgrass. Put the paintbrushes away, because Sweetgrass’ brushstrokes are the only you’ll need in June. It’s so fresh and romantic, we can’t wait to find the perfect time to use it! Download Sweetgrass here.


Yonder. We’re suckers for a good, hand-written font, especially one like Yonder. It can add character to your design and this aesthetic is one that has grown in popularity. Download Yonder here.


Port Vintage. This looks like it could jump right off the pages of a fashion magazine and for that we love it. This fun European-feeling font catches our eye for all of the right reasons. The bold, bright colors included in the font package is an added bonus. Download Port Vintage here.


Roots of Minimal. We showcased so many full-bodied fonts, let’s keep it simple for our last one. What makes us wild about the font is all in its name. The minimalist concept allows the focus to be on the design and not just on the font. We approve. Download Roots of Minimal here.

roots minimal

We love each and everyone one of these fonts for different reasons, but they all seem to work perfectly with the summer season. Hate them? Love them? Let us know in the comments below!