Knowing Your Strengths is the First Step

The caps and gowns have been stored in the back of each college graduate’s closet. The gift cards are being used in full force. LinkedIn is inundated with postgrads looking for jobs that sometimes don’t match up with what they expected to land after graduation. This happens every year around this time, but luckily, I’m the exception.

I landed my dream job working at an award-winning advertising agency. Once I started taking classes at Fresno State in the Mass Communication department, I never lost sight of that goal. But I never would have thought I’d be working as a media assistant right out of college.

Recently, Everyone at JP completed the Gallup’s Strength Finder quiz that highlighted the five unique strengths we each encompassed. The office was split into 34 strengths that fell into four categories: executing, influencing, relationship building, and strategic thinking. (Please note my picture with the giant chart of JP strengths created by one of our more analytical employees.)

Here are my top five strengths:

Futuristic. Futuristic people are constantly asking, “Wouldn’t it be great if…” and seeing visions of what could be. They are considered dreamers but are also looked up to for visions of the future.

Learner. Learners are drawn to the process of learning rather than focusing on the outcome. They thrive in dynamic work environments and are excited to engage in learning experiences.

Discipline. Disciplined people like order, consistency and routine. They are great at meeting deadlines and breaking big projects into short-term goals.

Focus. These types of people ask themselves, “Where am I headed?” They constantly set goals and determine their priorities in order to accomplish what needs to get done.

Individualization. People who possess this trait are keen on getting to know everyone on a personal level. They value distinct qualities and draw out the best in each person.

These traits make sense considering my age and point I’m at in my life. However, I’ve always been drawn towards thinking ahead and setting goals for myself, whether that dealt with projects or going to the gym four to five times a week. At JP, I’ve given insight for the future of the media department by suggesting changes in how to advertise and reach consumers in a more effective manner.

At our last staff meeting, we all stated one of our strengths and how we utilized it through work and our personal lives. It was awesome to see how balanced the office’s strengths were, how it leads to better collaboration and how we can better equip ourselves to communicate with each other.

As George McFly from Back To The Future would say, “If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.”
I plan on doing that with my five strengths and making the most of what I have to offer!

Interested in which strengths you have? Take the Gallup Strength Finder Quiz! 

– Mia Villarreal, Assistant Media Buyer