Creative Spotlight: Branding A Bottle of Milk

I plan to spare you all of the milk-related puns. I wouldn’t want to spoil all the hard work we put into the campaign. (Ok, I swear that will be the only one.)

Around this time last year, we met a man named Rick Nutcher. Rick had been in the dairy business for more than 30 years as a supplier, but in 2014, Rick and his family decided that it was time to begin bottling and selling the milk they’ve worked so hard to perfect.

First, there are a few things that you should know about Rick. 

1. Rick is a very nice man. But not just to his employees, to all of the animals on his dairies. When he told us that he fluffed the beds of the cows every day, we thought he was kidding. He wasn’t. On a side note, Rick doesn’t call his cows, “cows.” They’re his girls.
2. Rick doesn’t joke around about health. His cows are seen by a veterinarian on a weekly basis. His cows even have a dietician making sure they get the right nutrition.
3. Rick is a family man. If you know JP, you know that we love family-owned businesses. Rick isn’t alone in this business endeavor, as his wife, his three daughters and their husbands are along for the ride.
4. Rick is nostalgic. Aren’t we all just dreaming of the good ol’ times? Well, Rick and his family are bottling them at Nutcher Milk Company. Glass bottles, old-fashioned values, and great tasting milk – it doesn’t get much better than that.

This was our task. Capture all of those honest-to-goodness family values in a brand: Nutcher Milk Company.

For this branding campaign, we created  the company name, designed the logo, bottle, sales sheet, t-shirts and business cards, developed the website, and captured the essence of the creamery in a photoshoot.

You’ve met Rick, now it’s time to meet Heidi – the face of Nutcher Milk Company.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 4.34.54 PM

This sweet little cow named Heidi shows the love and respect the Nutcher family has for their “girls”. Her image connects every branding project for the company. Take a look at how good Heidi looks on virtually everything!


All of these elements came together in the final deliverable of the project: the website. This clean single-page design is easy to navigate and allows for growth and additional information as the company grows. Take a look!

Nutcher Milk Company officially launched their flavored milk products the first week of June 2015. Follow Nutcher Milk Company on Facebook or sign up for updates on their website!