Jane’s Marketing Tips: Finding The Perfect Team

It’s baseball season! Today, we’re talking about what to look for in a marketing partner – and with baseball on the brain, we have the perfect set of analogies for you!

Many key factors play a role in forming a valuable and beneficial relationship between your business and a potential agency. Although marketing agencies can seem like the perfect fit for your business right off the bat, it’s important to dig deeper and make sure the agency can customize its services to meet your needs.

Here are five things to consider when looking for an agency:

Identify what your needs are. If you already have an all-star shortstop, you wouldn’t recruit another one. The same is true when searching for an agency. If your website is hitting home runs but your social media pages are on the bench, you don’t want to select a marketing agency who specializes in website design. Knowing what you want from an agency beforehand will save you time and help you make the best decision for your business.

Cover all your bases. Teams go through hours of their opponent’s tapes to prepare for an important game. Do your homework and learn as much as you can about an agency before you meet with them. Ask around your inner circle or other business owners what agency they work with and what feedback they have. Also utilize online resources like social media pages, and review sites to learn more about what others have to say about the agency.

Meet with the coaches. The chemistry you have with the agency will determine what kind of a relationship you will have – and ultimately can mean the difference between your business being a playoff team or World Series Champions. These meetings can help you see how an agency works from both a creative and a business standpoint, so ask any questions or express concerns you may have to help make your final decision.

Meet your potential teammates. During your initial meetings, take the time to gauge the people in the room. Stress the importance of meeting with the actual team who will work on your account to determine if you‘re on the same page and understand your overall goals.

Communication is key. Your marketing partner will be an extension of your team, so establish the means of communication that works best for you to avoid any curveballs. Do you want the agency to email you with updates and results of your campaign? Or do you prefer a phone call and team meeting? Setting things straight from the get-go will ensure your agency puts their best foot forward for your business.


Ok, I think we’ve hit all of the baseball puns out of the park. Right? Ok… We promise not to talk about baseball again until playoffs.