Writer’s Block? Here’s Brainstorming Help For Your Blog

You’ve heard the latest – quality content blogging is on the rise, and it’s making (and breaking) companies. Chances are, you’re racking your brain for anything to help get you typing. Fear no longer, help is on the way. Here’s just a little bit advice for finding the inspiration to create quality content.

See what’s #Trending
Google Trends gives an in-depth view of what’s trending and where. When you first visit the site, you’ll see the most highly-searched topics, with the option to view their global popularity. Use the Top Charts feature to see what’s most popular across all categories – like books, car companies or business people. Using popular topics as inspiration keeps your blog relevant. At JP, we know there’s currently a lot of talk about which Internet browser comes out on top.

All questions need answers
What questions do your clients, vendors, friends and family ask about your work? Answer them! Address hang-ups and bridge the gaps that others may not have taken the time to understand. Read how we used our blog to solve an industry mystery.

What do you have to offer?
The sky is the limit here. Think about tips, tricks and advice that you have to pass on to your followers. Studies show that consumers respond best to companies that give some part of themselves – without asking for anything in return. You don’t have to reveal your secrets, but you can offer words of wisdom. Prove your integrity and knowledge of the industry. Check out how we offered some of our photography expertise.

You’re Invited!
If your company has recently been recognized for an accomplishment, hosted an event, or has an upcoming shindig, make sure people know about it! Use this as an opportunity to boast colorful graphics, inspiring language, and get a little more personal. People love to see the human side of your company, don’t be afraid to show it. Take a look at our achievements at the 2014 PRSA Image Awards.

Interpret something
Find something that’s been recently published in your industry, like a year-end report or new research. Break it down, and see what it means for the future of your trade. What conclusions can you draw by combining your knowledge with what you’ve learned? Giving your interpretation of new data shows those who follow your company that you’re interested in the latest topics, as well as looking to the future.  Looking for an example? Check out our breakdown of the 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report.

Now that we’ve given you some of our best sources for quality content, start writing!