2014 Creative Talent of the Year – Bryan Pickens

We had such a great time celebrating our art director and all of the other amazing Honors Award recipients at the Fresno Advertising Federation’s 2014 Honors Luncheon.

Bryan Pickens brings art to everything he does. From gallery walls across the world to his childrens’ sandwich bags, there is no canvas he can’t transform. It’s his keen eye for beauty and balance – for our client assignments or for his personal expression – that has earned him the 2014 Creative Talent of the Year award.

Bryan stepped into the role of art director just last year and has had a monumental impact on the quality of work for our clients, and pushes the envelope for each and every project. Saying he has grown in this leadership position is an understatement. Bryan has developed into a strong leader for the creative department, excellent team communicator, and even our president, Jane, has grown to trust his judgment (something admittedly not always easy for her).

Bryan also makes sure to invest time in local talent from Fresno State. Most recently, he spoke to the senior graduating graphic design class about portfolio creation and advice on landing a job after college.

In his personal life, Bryan’s artistic influence knows no bounds. He finds ways to express his creativity in everything from formal art shows to daily Sharpie illustrations on his son’s Ziplock sandwich bags. Bryan also donates time each semester to Shannon Ranch Elementary School to give sixth graders a chance to experience creativity and art in the classroom. In the past, he also created artwork for a skateboard deck art show to benefit autism research.

It is evident in his professional and personal life, that he is dedicated to making the world a more beautiful place through imagination and creativity. We’re so proud of his work and this recognition!

Congratulations to all of the other professionals and businesses recognized. You are all so talented and we love seeing this industry grow and change year after year.

Take a look at a few of the photos from the event:

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