Test Driving the Future

In late February, BMW Fresno came to us asking for help debuting the BMW i3 in Fresno. So how did we get the word out about the automobile of tomorrow? Simple. All we had to do was convince one of the Valley’s most beloved morning show hosts to take the i3 for a test drive while on air.

That’s why we partnered with the Valley Air District for a live shot opportunity, before the weekend test drive event. We had Clayton Clark from Great Day discuss tax incentives, electric cars and other ways you can save the planet! Watch one of the segments here.

Why would someone be interested in the the all-electric Ultimate Driving Machine? With the i3, citizens can do their part to reduce their carbon footprint on the Central Valley’s air quality. And if that’s not enough of an incentive, how about up to $13,000 in tax incentives?

Clayton Clark

In addition to the morning show coverage (which included a test driving live shot… yes, while driving), we developed a series of eblast and social media promotions. We designed and distributed the eblast to introduce the Central Valley to the revolutionary BMW technology, and promote the wea  There was a link for learning more about the test drive event, and another to RSVP to the weekend event!

Visitors were able to take BMW’s first fully-electric vehicle for a spin – and the company known for making Ultimate Driving Machines did not disappoint. Some test drivers called the car “amazing” and were happy to see that BMW didn’t sacrifice the driving experience or power of the vehicle.

We had such a great time promoting the i3 for BMW Fresno (and an even better time taking the car for a spin!) Will you be interested in the i3 when it comes on the market this summer?

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