Paper: The new app that streamlines your Facebook feed.

Before computers, cell phones, tablets, and e-readers…we had paper.  Newspapers, magazines, photos, books… everything we soaked up, learned and shared – relied on paper.  That need for interaction and absorption of new information has been the inspiration behind Facebook’s new app, also called Paper.

Paper is the next big thing in news-reading apps, created by the Facebook company. Paper takes your interests and displays topics and posts, three at a time – some pulled from your newsfeed and others from news sources.

The app is minimalistic, easy to understand, and gives you the freedom to balance intellectualism with that album full of selfies your best friend just uploaded.

By quickly swiping down on any page of the app, you can access your profile, create a post, edit the visible sections or the settings of your paper app.   View your notifications, check your friend requests, and read messages from the original Facebook chat-heads.  Take a closer look at the app in this short video:

Our thoughts:
Paper pulls you away from the old way of doing things.  It allows for a simplistic yet grown-up experience on social media.  Being able to absorb news while occasionally grabbing tidbits from those who matter to you, is the perfect combination app for an older, educated audience.

I predict that the Paper app may be what Facebook needs to make a comeback.  In the last three years, three million teens have left the social network.  If this was due to Facebook’s lack of real world information, the problem may be solved.

So what do you think?  Will Paper change the way we “Facebook”?  Or is it just a passing fad?

Sara, Social Media Assistant