Social Media Trends Infographic

Social media is always changing. Ok, let’s be honest everything in this industry is always changing, but that’s part of why we love it so much. New apps are released daily, social networking sites are constantly updating their platforms, and what was popular with one demographic one day, might be a thing-of-the-past the next. (Ahem… just look at all of the moms joining Facebook, and their high school children running away in droves.)

If you’re a business owner, what does this mean for you? That completely depends on who your target is, but chances are they are engaging with one or more of these social networks. And it’s our job to find out how to reach them, what content they’ll engage with, and all of the other fun intricacies that social media brings! Just take a look at the infographic below for some quick stats on the social media trends we saw in 2013.


Peter designed the infographic based on the Pew Research 2013 Social Media Update released on December 30, 2013.