5 Tips for Taking Your Instagram Photos to the Next Level

In the past, snapping a photo with your cellphone didn’t exactly count as art, but Instagram has turned it into its own creative category. Instagram is a great marketing tool for businesses, and the perfect way to show off products and personality with the click of a button.

But just like painting, you aren’t going to create a masterpiece with your first photo. It takes practice and sometimes even a little bit of planning.

Here are our 5 tips for taking your Instagram photos to the next level:

  1. Lighting is important for any picture, but it’s crucial when using your cellphone. Look for soft natural lighting that shows just enough detail of the object. Once, you picture is in Instagram you can enhance or alter the light with filters.
  2. Think Square! Instagram has an automatic crop feature. Make sure you keep in mind what will fall into that 1×1 frame before snapping the picture.
  3. Add depth to the photo by using objects in the foreground and background to create lines that draw in the viewer’s eye.
  4. Change your angle! Instead of shooting the picture straight-on, move around and  take the same picture from several different positions. A different perspective can turn an ordinary photo into something beautiful.
  5. Keep the photos relevant to your business. It’s great to get creative and have fun with the photos you take, but they need to make sense to your followers and be consistent with your brand.