We’re Hiring

Well, here’s some good news: We’re hiring!

If you are a super cool, talented person with a positive attitude and a thing for caffeine, we just might be interested in you.

We’re looking for a couple of exceptionally organized and detail-oriented individuals who thrive in a fast-paced, collaborative environment!

  1. Full-time media buyer to facilitate the planning, negotiating, buying and maintenance of all media buys for the agency; experience in electronic, digital and/ or print a plus.
  2. Part-time account assistant to help with a variety of agency tasks including: day-to-day account maintenance, research, budgeting, media buying, special event coordination and social media.

Send your resumes to inquiry@jpmktg.com.

If you’ve read this far and want a few tips, here are some from the boss herself:

  • Be sure there is not a single typo on your resume; hire someone to proof it if needed.
  • In your email or cover letter, share something unique about yourself that may not be work related; write what you think no one else can say and then explain what that one unique thing says about you.
  • If you get to the interview phase, dress professionally; if you feel as though you are overdressed, that’s better than underdressed.
  • Bring samples of your work to the interview; bring anything – something you wrote, photos from an event you helped with, a paper you did in school that was really good, a Powerpoint you put together for a former boss, anything that demonstrates real applicable skills is a huge plus.
  • Try not to use the words “I’m Creative” anywhere on your resume or during the interview; there are thousands of other words to choose from to describe your talents and capabilities, and in the agency world we hear those words way too often so they are rather meaningless.
  • Be prepared to offer personal or professional references; we will always ask for these, so it’s best to have them ready.