Trade Secrets Revealed at WordCamp SF

Last month, our web team went to WordCamp SF, a WordPress community-organized weekend where developers and bloggers came together to get the latest news on WordPress. It was informative and inspirational. As with all things web over the past few years, there was a section on responsive design and the significance of everything moving to mobile (p.s. if you’re viewing this blog on your mobile phone or iPad, doesn’t it look cool!?).

According to WP Engine, there are “46 million WordPress sites, blogs, and applications that were built in the past 12 months, and with 30% brand recognition.” The JP web team is proud to be members of the WordPress community. It’s an exciting time to be a WordPress user because the foundation has been set, and everyday, new building blocks are being added that help make our Internet experiences more robust.

Whereas certain industries hold trade secrets very closely, the web community is different. (And they’re not just different because they work into the wee hours of the night, amped up on Red Bull and Hot Cheetos.) Web developers are constantly sharing what they’re working on, helping each other, and opening the doors of technology to others at every level of experience. WordCamp SF was a weekend devoted to in-person time of learning about new updates to the platform, trends, and overall growth.

Troy and Allison, our resident developers, were most enthusiastic about new visual sliders for the revision process, added privacy and security tools, new drag and drop interfaces that make edits more user-friendly, and deployment best practices.

“WordCamp SF gave us a feel for the future,” said an enthusiastic Allison upon her return to Fresno. “It’s such a good tool to use for our clients because it’s very user-friendly and customizable to fit almost any need.”

Check out the latest release of “Oscar”, version 3.6 of WordPress:


To learn about the past and future of WordPress, you can catch the State of the Word. And if you want to talk shop with our web team, tweet Allison or Troy at any time!


By Alisa Manjarrez
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