The Creative PROcess – A Recap

Process: a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.

Last week, a handful of professionals from the creative industry shared their creative process. Along with basic breakdowns of their workflows, they shared tips on how to push the limit, getting past the bad idea humps, the importance of personal projects, filtering client needs and trusting your team.

The process of the event itself began with a conversation over drinks with John Milly after Creative Fresno’s PechaKucha. John had the desire to share and discuss his creative thought process in a professional environment with like-minded individuals. I am always curious about how talented people do what they do best. So, we came up with a few guiding principles for PROcess and called up a few friends and colleagues in the industry to participate. Each presentation was about 10-15 minutes. Take a look:


PROcess Line-Up

• Julie Gavrilis, Copywriter/Project Manager, Jules Marketing Communications
• Jared Hardy, Front-end Developer, Hundred10
• Vicken Massoyan, Illustrator/Graphic Designer, JP Marketing
• John Milly Web Designer, Hundred10
• Enrique Meza, Photographer/Filmmaker, Meza Films
• Byron Watkins & Anthony Taylor Writer/Directors, Windsong Productions

Download the slides here

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By Alisa Manjarrez
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