The Best Things In Life Are Free, Like Earned Media

Everybody likes free stuff. And then there are the things you canʼt buy, that are not for sale at any price. Interestingly, both of these characteristics (free and priceless) apply to one of our specific areas of expertise at JP Marketing. That area is earned media.

Earned media is free publicity generated primarily by the news media based on their interest in subject matter and/or its “newsworthiness,” whether it be “news you can use” or simply news of human interest. Advertising agencies that engage in public and media relations work understand a variety of tactics are available to draw interest from the news media without having to pay for the positioning of the news story that relates to the client.

What is required for a successful earned media campaign is a good idea, good writing and some diligence in promoting the story idea to editors and producers. It also helps to have connections. If an advertising agency becomes a good source for story ideas for a news gathering organization, it makes for easier access because editors are more willing to listen. That does not happen overnight.

In addition to traditional news media options, the internet has, of course, made the options for message-sending and news releases innumerable. Whether itʼs online blogs or web-based news services, there is going to be a specialty website you can submit your story to.

So why is earned media so valuable? Because itʼs not for sale at any price. It means your story or marketing initiative has become part of news content and the information is deemed to be of enough value to be labeled as “news.” It means more prominent positioning for a companyʼs brand as well as the product or service being provided. Favorable positioning in these areas helps brands gain a higher level of prestige, in a way that paid advertising cannot deliver, in the way of perception.

Have you used earned media to help tell your companyʼs story? If not, give us a call and weʼll see if we can come up with that special news “hook” for you.

– Paul Quebe, Owner of JP Marketing