Creative Highlight: Launching a New Online College

Over the last six months, we’ve been a little busy. Well, we are always busy… but this year we’ve been involved in creating the identity of a brand new national online school. And by involved, I mean, we’ve literally built the brand look and voice from the ground up. We even helped in the initial stages to choose the name of the new school.

Mount Washington College has been one of our most challenging, and rewarding projects this year. Not only did we design the logo and all promotional materials including landing pages, exterior signage, print ads, etc., but we also developed the voice for all external communications like student emails and social media. This isn’t just any voice either. It’s the voice of a straight-forward, no-games and slightly sarcastic spokesperson named Drew.

Ok, ok… that was quite the list, but take a look at one of our biggest projects so far this year:

By Anna Gonzalez
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