JP Desktop Wallpaper – September

Ahoy there! September has one of the best days in all the land – International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Why are we celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day all month long? Because it’s fun and we can!

If any o’ ye have a problem with it, we’ll make you walk the plank. (Thank goodness we have until September 19 to really polish our pirate speak, right?)

Troy, Co-Sea Captain of the Web Developers, is making his design debut! He used a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator to create this wallpaper worthy of sailing the Seven Seas!

Download one of the sizes below:

1600 x 1200
1920 x 1200
2500 x 1600
2880 x 1880

Check back next month for a terrifying October design by Josh Durham that will make your peg legs shake in fear!