JP Creatives Get Excited for How Design Live!

Usually we use this time to highlight some project that we are especially proud of. But today, we’re going a different route.

This is the highlight of our creative team’s month (maybe year) – The How Design Conference 2013.

photo-2At JP, we’ve made one of our main principles “studiousness.” We know, it sounds pretty nerdy. But really, it’s for the benefit of all of our clients. This industry is always in flux, and we need to evolve with it.

At the conference, our graphic design team will have the chance to learn from and meet other visionaries in the field. They’ll spend four days with some of the creative minds that have inspired them throughout their careers including Jessica Walsh, Scott Belsky and James Victore.

The conference has more than 50 sessions throughout the four days to choose from. One session they are especially looking forward to is lead by Von Glitschka and Stefen Mumaw, The Anatomy of a Logo. In three hours, the audience works as a creative agency to produce a logo for the two speakers. They are walked through the stages of development and in six different creative exercises, they’ll learn how to improve their logo design process, solve creative problems and respond to demanding clients.

Find out what our design team learned, how they were inspired and see some of what they created next week in our How Design Live Recap!

By Anna Gonzalez
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