SOLO Flight 20/13 Takes Off!

Jack Wiegand took off this morning on his journey to become the Guinness World Records™ youngest pilot to fly solo around the world. Jack will travel more than 21,000 nautical miles, with 24 stops, visit 14 countries and cross three oceans to complete his journey.

Not only is Jack making history at only 20 years old, but he is also raising awareness and support for two charitable organizations: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central California and the Ag Warriors project of the International Agri-Center.

To support Jack’s mission, we designed a logo and custom paper-airplane flyer, produced a highlight video, established a social media campaign and secured media coverage on a local and national scale.

We wish Jack a safe flight and return home!

Follow Jack’s mission at SOLO 20/13 or follow him on Facebook.

Good luck! Buona Fortuna! 幸運!

By Anna Gonzalez
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  • Uncle Richard and Cousin Susan says:

    Good luck from the Scott family. Margarite’s daughter said you were flying around the world. My dad wishes you good luck and a safe trip as well.

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