Youth Leadership Institute Awareness Posters

Since 1991, the Youth Leadership Institute has engaged, motivated and challenged the youth of California to create change in their community. We were invited back for our second year helping students design posters for various educational institutions to promote a sober lifestyle among high school students.

Most of these students had never been exposed to the advertising industry before, so we gave them a tour, and walked them through our daily tasks for clients. Afterwards, our designers helped them conceptualize and bring their ideas to life in the poster.

“It was fun to see them get excited about illustration, fonts and colors. They even mentioned that they liked meeting the designer behind the work and seeing how it all came together.” – Vick Massoyan

The organization surveyed students at various high schools to better understand the drinking habits of students. The statistics showed that students weren’t drinking as much as they thought, something they wanted to convey across their schools with promotional posters.

Leadership students involved in the Youth Leadership Institute wanted to promote these statistics and show their school that staying sober is cool through colorful, eye-catching designs.

For example, Firebaugh High School wanted to use bright colors like green and purple to stand out on a wall filled with flyers. Also, they used a sporty look to appeal to their school’s athletes.

Our graphic design team worked with the students to make sure their messages were effectively communicated, and the students walked away with something they could be proud of.

“I could tell that a couple of kids were really passionate about the project. I like seeing the students have their heart in it, because it allowed us to really work as a team and create an effective poster.” – Michael Uribes

Take a look a few posters created for the Youth Leadership Institute: