Justin Timberlake Is Bringing Myspace Back, Should You?

Oh the days of Myspace … Remember those? Letting all my friends know what I’m doing at every moment seemed so awesome. I mean come on, everyone wants to know what I’m doing right this second, right?

Well, it’s back. Sort of. Justin Timberlake and team have decided to breathe new life into one of the original social media platforms. I’ve read a lot of reviews and the general consensus is that people just aren’t sure if consumers are ready for another social media platform. And of course the first thing I think about is … should my clients jump on this bandwagon?

Just because Myspace is back on the scene doesn’t mean every business needs to set up a profile today. Take some time to research. What online spaces do your competitors occupy? Do you have content that will actually translate well?

Your business can help steer the online conversation. And more often than not, a dormant online profile can say volumes more than not having a profile at all.

Here are a few questions I always ask myself when deciding where my clients should engage:

  • Who are your client’s top two or three competitors?
  • Do you know if these competitors are involved in social media activities?
  • Who is the target market?
  • How does your client engage with its target currently (newsletters, eblasts, etc.)?
  • What four or five keywords best describe your client’s services?
  • Why does your client want to engage in social media? (increase sales, expand brand awareness, increase website traffic, create brand loyalists that will help spread the word, etc.)

It doesn’t  always pay to be first, but it will always pay to correctly engage and really connect with your customers.

~Tanya Osegueda, Outreach & New Media Manager