JP Desktop Wallpaper – January

Happy New Year from our JP Family to yours! This year, we’ve decided to give a gift that gives year ‘round, a calendar! Our designers have created downloadable desktop wallpapers for each month of the year.

For January, Josh Durham created a design very uncharacteristic for the season. Why a deliciously designed pretzel-themed wallpaper? Josh was inspired by the gloomy weather of January, and wanted to remind you all of the warmer brighter days ahead of us. If you aren’t aware, Josh is our resident artisan chef, and is known for treating us all to his newest kitchen concoctions. Yes, Josh really did make a homemade JP pretzel to create this wallpaper. And yes, it was delicious.

Check back each month for new wallpapers! Next month’s February desktop will be designed by Vick Massoyan!

Use one of the sizes below!

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