JP Quick Tip – Facebook Cover Photo

Since fall 2011’s launch of Facebook Timeline, the face of social media pages has been forever changed. We’re sure you are extremely familiar with profile pictures, and are growing increasingly familiar with cover photos and highlight & milestone images. Meanwhile, you might be losing your audience if not taking full advantage of making your profile as visually appealing as possible.

When a visitor sees your Facebook page, they need to not only understand what you are all about, but also be intrigued to follow your page and learn more. Your cover photo needs to be cohesive with your brand identity, as well as interesting. We suggest using your logo as your profile picture, and having a little more leniency and fun with your cover photo.


Here are some tips for a successful and effective cover photo:

1. Keep it clean! Don’t crowd your cover photo with so much content that visitors don’t know what to look at. They need to understand your brand within a few seconds.
2. Change with the seasons. Don’t keep one cover photo for too long. Changing your photo with the holiday seasons can keep your fans engaged and interacting with your holiday spirit year ‘round.
3. Is there an object or visual that defines your brand? Use it! Do you bake cookies? Feature them! Are you known for great customer service? Show your fans!
4. The most interesting and thoughtful cover photo in the world will be ruined if it is poor quality or the wrong size. Look at this link that shows you the correct image sizes for your Facebook page.

Take time customizing your Facebook page, or have someone take the time to do it for you. Update your look; keep things changing and keep your fans coming back to your page for more. Your cover photo is the first impression for your Facebook audience. You only have one chance to make a first impression, so make it a good one.